Our Mission: Make
Blockchain Technology

& Compliant.

Fulfilling our Patriotic Duty

"The blockchain could disrupt everything" - Goldman Sachs

At Blockchain Industries, we are focused on long-term results - in innovation that can help governments streamline their processes, rebuild struggling economies, transform legislative practices, revolutionize healthcare and education, and ultimately better humanity.

Investment: We Provide access to high-quality investment products

BCI Global Opportunity Fund aims to outperform the overall asset market on a risk-adjusted basis by identifying attractive small/mid-cap tokens and ICOs. The fund will use superior fundamental analysis to identify mispriced liquid assets and high-quality, hard-to-access ICOs.

Consulting: We help you design unique
 Crypto-economic models

BCI guides your business to the blockchain through comprehensive "smart stack" consulting services. We help companies interested in undertaking an ICO with their entire token generation event by carefully assessing and communicating the unique value and use case for your token or project.

Blockchain Unbound
Puerto Rico, Tokyo, Switzerland

A fully immersive experience uniting blockchain communities from around the globe in what will be the epicenter of this multi-trillion dollar market.


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